MERANO CUP - 21.09 - 22.09.2002

Dear figure skating friends

MERANO CUP is a competition meant for athletic verification after the preparation during the summer months giving young Athletes the opportunity to explore technical changes before the national and international competitions.

Merano, known as the Southtyrolean garden, is a traditional place for ice figure skating and its new ice rink MERANARENA holds all the credentials of high technical and athletic standard.

Female and male athletes of the SENIOR – JUNIOR and NOVICE categories have the chance to show their skills within one of the most beautiful ice rinks of the Alpine regions.

We want to invite all Senior, Junior and Novice Athletes to participate in the traditional Merano Cup Competition which takes place this year in the fifth edition on 21st - 22nd September 2002.

Merano Cup has become very popular because of the familiar atmosphere and of the high technical level. Athletes from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Canada, China, Czech Republic and Italy took part on the competition in the past years .

We are sure, that also your ice skating club will take this welcome opportunity to can verify the own performance level during this international competition just in the beginning oft this year season.

We’ll be very happy about your participation.
With kind regards


P.S. Please contact the Tourist office for hotel reservation directly as soon as possible. Phone: 0039-473-235223 Fax: 0039-473-235524 –

E-mail: [email protected] In the autumn period there is still high touristic season at Merano! --


Kateg. NOVICE:
1. Sara Beikircher / Italy
2. Kristina Geissler / Germany
3. Kaja Otovic / Slovenia
1. Martina Sasanelli / Italy
2. Teodora Postic / Slovenia
3. Stefanie Lotterschmid / Germany
1. Alessandra Faietti / Italy
2. Lea Norma Bottacini / Italy
3. Alenka Zidar - Slovenia
1. Damjan Ostojic / Slovenia
2. Luka Cadez / Slovenia
3. Henry Rautiainen / Finland

1. Marie Luc Jodoin / Kanada
2. Marie Luise Gaudet / Kanada
3. Erica Bleha / Tschechische Rep.
1. Tomas Werner - Erica Mervartova / Tschechische Rep.
2. Barbora Ulehlova / Tschechische Rep.
3. Erica Bleha / Tschechische Rep.