Ice sports and Merano have been closely linked together by tradition for 70 years.

Together with hockey on ice, figure skating has developed to such an important discipline, that the city of Merano ,a popular spa with 40.000 inhabitants, can host two clubs for ice sports.

One of these ICE CLUB MERANO

Our aims are:
  • to increase the public's interests in skating
  • to encourage up-and-coming talents
  • to train athletes of various categories, levels and age groups for national and international competitions.

A wide range of courses and special training units for skaters of all age groups and various levels are offered by ICE CLUB MERANO

We are a multicultural school for ice skating, offering amateurs and athletes the opportunity to be active .

Children, young and adults meet a sporting atmosphere for their free time activity.
We are respectful towards tradition and the past, but we also think of the future and are open minded.